In The Midst Of It All, Sometimes You Gotta Stop. Chill. And Take In The World.

Life is going so fast I am finding myself doing things I normally don’t do.  I am starting to forget random things like the power cord to my laptop, keys to my car and other stuff that is actually very important at specific times.  I am normally not like this, but at this juncture – starting a company, raising money and talking with early customers – everything just seems to blur together.

It’s time to chill.

Those who know me best have come to understand I will never let a good sunset pass me by.  I feel it is so important to take the time to stop, chill and observe the natural beauty around us.

Today, we spend to much damn time with our head down staring at a screen, searching for the next tweet of information to consume.  Don’t forget there is a beautiful world out there, waiting for you to appreciate.  Above is an image of the sunset from Monday, the end of a great day in Seattle.  When I noticed it was going to be a picture perfect evening I left the office a bit early, grabbed a few cold ones and went down to the beach to chill, think and take it all in.

Life comes at you pretty fast and beautiful scenery like this doesn’t happen very often so we must enjoy when we can.