Announcing Founders Live Insider – Premium Membership With Access To Perks and Experiences + Join Nick’s Insider Council

Today we are excited to announce the release of a few new exciting experiences within Founders Live.

Founders Live Insider and Nick’s Insider Council.

When we officially launched Founders Live in 2016 Nick made a commitment stating there will always be a free membership so anyone in the world feels included in connecting with other entrepreneurs and accessing the best information and inspiration the platform can offer.

In lieu of that mission, Founders Live has grown on a business model which encompasses local events, as well as city level partner sponsorships and our global partnerships you will find in the growing Founders Live Marketplace.

Those aren’t changing, but many of you have spoken out about wanting to add more value and support to this great global platform. Many of you desire a tighter group to share thoughts, and a direction to aim your great ideas and perspectives in hopes to ensure Founders Live grows and reaches its fullest potential. We decided it was high time to roll out an additional premium membership level to Founders Live, as well as open up even more ways to highlight the amazing startups we have around the world.

Today we’re announcing Founders Live Insider – a member supported experience where we bring you closer to the brand, and where your well intentioned dollars help to grow and magnify the Founders Live vision around the world. This is a CALL TO ARMS for Founders Live members who want to support our global entrepreneurial community, and  access to exclusive premium perks and experiences.

Founders Live Insider is where I will spend most of his time from now on. Come join me!

Founders Live Insider is just $12 per month, or $99 per year!


Founders Live Insider benefits include:

  • Access to a tighter, more engaged group of global Founders on Founders Live

  • Listed in the newly launched Founders Live Startups Marketplace for all our our members to find your business!

  • Early notifications of Free Tickets (where applicable) and premier experiences at Founders Live city events worldwide

  • Opportunity to join Nick’s Insiders Council helping shape the future of Founders Live

  • Access to additional discounts and connections with our Global Partners

  • Participation in a monthly group strategy call with Nick

  • Exclusive video, audio and written content

    • Backstory coverage on various Founders Live entrepreneurs and winners

    • Exclusive content and behind the scenes of Nick’s travels

  • Eternal fame, glory and the joy of supporting vibrant communities of entrepreneurs worldwide!

Join Nick’s Insider Council

Introducing Nick’s Insider Council – Open to the First 100 Yearly $99 Paid Memberships. We anticipate these spots to be claimed by end of the week, so if you are going to join, better join now!

From Nick: Throughout my travels I’ve had the great opportunity to connect with so many people and have enjoyed hundreds of meaningful conversations on the open road. Many of these conversations result in “you know what you should do?” or “here’s a good idea for Founders Live!” types of thoughts. Well, today I am formulating an Insider Council to bring the top 100 people within Founders Live closer around me to help organize these thoughts of future developments. I might even be able to help these people too, so I’ll be opening my calendar with higher preference to anyone who joins this group.

*If you want to be part of the Council and be closer to Nick to help us grow all you need to do is choose the yearly option.

The first 100 people to join Nick’s Insider Council will:

  • Join a very special private group of insiders in our own separate space to chat, connect and share top secret future Founders Live ideas!

  • Help lead Nick and Founders Live in future brand developments with your thoughts and ideas. You will have first look and be a sounding board for future product ideas and experiences

  • Join occasional “future vision and ideation” group calls

  • This choice says you deeply care about the future of Founders Live

  • Receive a new weekly “Top 5 Things I’m Thinking About” each Friday from Nick

  • Access to book time on Nick’s calendar for personal advisory and mentoring calls (calendly)


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