Startups and Projects

Callin'it logo with textCurrently under development, Callin’it is one of my newest startups and is set to launch early 2016. Callin’it allows people to display their sports knowledge to the world. Users make predictions – or calls – on what they think will happen in sporting events. They can play individually or compete with friends to earn points based on their correct calls and redeem those points for credits to great products in the real world.


logo_white_background_squareFounders LIVE is a social platform and media channel that encourages the exchange of ideas and information among founders and entrepreneurs. The community is aimed at founders & entrepreneurs who want to expand their networks and interact and connect with others who experience similar challenges. In addition to curated and contributed high-quality content, Founders LIVE hosts a monthly live-streamed virtual festival called LivenUp with guests who provide insights and lessons on a wide range of topics that matter to founders. Join Founders LIVE today.


I was Director of Business Development at Knotis in 2014 – 2015.  Knotis is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a suit of world-class technologies to local brick and mortar businesses to help them compete effectively in this new, digital world. Consumers are provided an easier way to discover things to purchase around their local community and businesses are offered a unified digital commerce platform.


Founders RAW is one of my newest projects, a video blog with conversation style interviews focused on bringing out the raw stories early stage founders experienced in their rough and tumble entrepreneurial journeys.  I invite founders to talk openly over a beer or a coffee about the “truth” of how they survive and grow their companies.  We then slice up the conversations and sending out daily videos no more than 3 or 4 minutes long so we all can receive daily nuggets of the entrepreneurial truth.

coinme logoCoinme is Washington State’s first licensed bitcoin ATM, and was created out of the frustration we had with the current state of the Bitcoin market.  In order to reach its full potential, the cryptocurrency industry needs more accountability and consumer protection. The market also needs more leaders who are offering education and community outreach.  Coinme was founded with the goal of bringing all of those factors together and I hold an advisory position with the company.

Seconds logo

Seconds was a payment system I co-founded allowing you to swiftly complete transactions via the desktop web, mobile web or text message. It shouldn’t matter what method you use, the payment experience should be as quick, simple and intuitive as sending a text message.  Realizing how important ongoing relationships are between customers and merchants, and also realizing the main point of entry into our world is now through our mobile device, we see an incredible opportunity.

Published Books

Agony and Ecstacy of EntrepreneurshipThe Agony and Ecstasy of Entrepreneurship

The Agony and Ecstasy of Entrepreneurship has been adapted from this blog, So Entrepreneurial, and placed into book format.  They are my thoughts and musings on all things entrepreneurial, meant to help you understand what it takes and how to think like an entrepreneur in today’s world.  Far from perfect and by no means the only way to go about the journey, they represent my lessons taken straight from the trenches.  Since my thoughts originated as blog posts it’s best to take them piecemeal, maybe even digesting just a few topics each day. You will find my main perspectives are around mobile, digital and internet technologies but the principles can be applied to any other entrepreneurial focus.


7 thoughts on “Startups and Projects

  1. I have also left my full-time job in search for a worthy challenge. The over-fishing the over-population the over-earning times may never end with human nature, but nature goes on. It is up to the most brilliant species of this world to start using our brains adjoined to our hearts.


  2. Hey Nick, i’m currently consulting in the UK digital market and heavily involved in what we call digital transformation – essentially the convergence of mobile, web and social media into a single customer experience.

    I’ve been contemplating the convergence of localisation, personalisation with loyalty through the application of game mechanics (gamification)? Don’t know how ‘across the pond’ working may pan out, but i’m keen to explore

  3. Pingback: Here’s My New ‘Current Projects’ Page, So Y’all Can Keep Tabs On Me | So Entrepreneurial

  4. Nick, I too have left my career to start up my Real Estate Investment company called My Artistic Properties LLC. The growing pains and ups and downs of starting have been a true roller coaster- not to mention having to wait sooo long to get paid. I know it will all happen with hard work, and stick-to-it-ivness. Good for you for sticking with it- you’re an inspiration!

    • Thanks Kate. Glad to see you are “taking the leap” as well and glad I can be of inspiration. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some help or another perspective on something.

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