Speaking Of Crappy Facebook Ads, I Hope They Can Do Better Than This

Seriously, is this what Facebook thinks is going to increase their advertising revenue?  Is this what they were pitching on Wall Street as they were preparing investors during their IPO road show?

“Hey, yea we have ads.  They’re really effective!  This is what we show our users.”  {look to right}

You may or may not use Facebook very much.  I really don’t compared to Twitter and Linkedn.  You may or may not glance over to the side to look at the Ads on the right side of the page.  For once, I did both of those just now and look what they are showing me.

Amazing huh, I wonder what would happen if I actually did click on one of those… maybe a new girlfriend?  Thanks Facebook!

With all this talk of the market pulling away from the now public social network and Facebook shares falling to new lows each week, I wonder when they will figure it out?

Because of their massive user base (almost a billion people) and what comes with it (massive page views) they generated roughly $4 billion of revenue last year.  But with ads like this I suggest there really isn’t much innovation going on in the business front.  Is this what the smartest engineers in Silicon Valley are doing with their talent?

Their future on the mobile device posses other challenges, mainly in the fact that it’s harder to get all those hook up, singles and boyfriend needed ads onto my small screen.  (OK, to be fair there is a save the world from poverty ad on there so all is not lost).

Good luck Facebook, you’re gonna need it.  And hey Mark, if the marriage doesn’t turn out I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding another girl. {look to right}

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