The Reality In This Country Is Not At All What You Think It Is

Powerful stuff here on inequality of  wealth distribution in the U.S.

One thought on “The Reality In This Country Is Not At All What You Think It Is

  1. Positive numbers are Infinite, and thus with dollars that are becoming increasingly less valuable, the chart will always end up lop sided, as there is no infinite negative side to give balance. On a chart to $80 Billion, even $1M looks like a grain of sand. It’s a volume game, and with 8 Billion people on the planet, the numbers are not getting any smaller

    Second, and more importantly, when people create Companies that transform the world, they are going to get very, very wealthy (ie Apple, Google, MSFT). But their vast wealth does not mean the ordinary person deserves to be any closer to that extraordinary level. Taking away the successful persons wealth will do nothing, except encourage less productivity and discourage success.

    If you see a person drive bye in a $5 million dollar Bentley, do you think “man, that guy doesn’t deserve that crazy expensive car.” or do you think “Man, I want to be that guy.”

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