Sometimes You Just Gotta Jump

Sometimes you just gotta jump ship.

I was sitting with an old college friend the other night catching up with life and I found myself ending the conversation with the saying “sometimes you just gotta jump“.

We were talking about how tough it is to branch off and do your own thing as you become more established with your life.   He is in a different situation as I and finds it more difficult to up and leave his job. Although I agree with his perspective – he is quite established and probably pulling good paycheck – I can’t help but keep coming back to my main point.  “But what happens when you are 45 or 50, are you going to be happy doing what you are doing now, at that age?

It is this question that gets me every time I start thinking maybe I am doing the wrong thing.  I just have to go back and ask myself “which would you regret more when you are older – the decision to jump off now and make it on your own or staying with the same company your entire career, never taking a risk?”

Sometimes you just gotta jump ship.  Start over.  Hit control/Alt/delete and move on.  Most people regret NOT doing something.