Who’s Behind Founders RAW?

New Founders RAW logoI recently started a new project called Founders RAW, a destination for video conversations with other startup founders.  Why are we recording these conversations?  Simply put, we think the truth of entrepreneurship needs to be heard far and wide.

From the About section:

Founders RAW is actually an experiment.  As founders of an early stage startup we quickly realized how difficult starting a company can be.  And being part of the larger startup community in Seattle we discovered we weren’t alone in our crazy, mind-blowing experiences – apparently others have them too.  The idea started to form once we noticed the frequency of finding ourselves 30 minutes deep in truth sharing and wisdom dropping conversations with founder friends.  We wondered if others would be interested in what we have learned, so we figured why not to bring a camera.  I guess we’ll see what happens.

Founders RAW a video blog with conversation style interviews focused on bringing out raw stories early stage founders experience in their challenging entrepreneurial journeys.  We invite founders to talk openly over a beer or a coffee about the “truth” of how they survive and grow their companies.  We post the full conversations on the blog but really, who has time to watch 45 minutes of video?  So we slice up the conversations and post nuggets each day as well as send out daily videos no more than 3 or 4 minutes long to blog subscribers.    Now we all can receive daily nuggets of the entrepreneurial truth.

Don’t forget to subscribe and please reach out to us if you are interested in chatting.

I brought in a few friends to help make this happen.  You can watch Nate and I talk over why we started Founders RAW in this video, Why we started Founders RAW.  We believe the best way to educate new founders is through candid and casual conversation with other founders, regardless of their experience level.  Although a veteran certainly knows more about starting companies than someone on their first go-around, we believe everyone has something unique to teach other people.  We hope we can continue to grow and expand the impact Founders RAW has on entrepreneurial communities.


Nick Hughes

nick_headshotNick is an entrepreneur and writer in Seattle, WA.  He is currently the founder and CEO of Seconds, a mobile payment startup helping to bring payments into the mobile era using the web and text messages.  He also consults with other companies locally and nationally on business development and product strategies. In his spare time you will find him as far away from the desk as possible, hopefully on a trail or close to water. 


Nate Martinez


Nate worked as a business development manager for a venture capital and private equity data research platform. Prior to that role, he ran his own hedge fund trading search platform for three years, with particular focus on quantitative strategies. His early career was spent with Credit Suisse (NYC) trading on their investment grade credit derivatives and corporate bond desk.


Josh Peterson


Josh is currently head of Audio and Video production for Founders RAW. He also works as a web developer and media artist, and his interactive electronic artworks have been exhibited at galleries and events in Seattle. Josh hopes to develop technology that artists will use to make new and exciting forms of digital art.

Have We Lost Our Humanity By Using Technology?

Below is a snippet from my new book The Agony and Ecstasy of Entrepreneurship, available now on Amazon and HyperInk.

Agony and Ecstacy of EntrepreneurshipA few recent experiences have spurred my thinking on the subject of humanity vs technology. Some of this will seem inevitable and some of it will seem common sense to you. Some of it might even go against the grain of what you are currently working on right now. My purpose is to get you thinking about how you go about your life using technology—by yourself and around others.

I am not sure if it’s just me, but I feel we are starting the upswing on what will be viewed as the turning point in our society. We will never have a “slower” life than we do today. Cell phones allowing us to talk to and message anyone in the world was just the beginning of this movement. Now, we have really powerful mobile computers in our pockets that basically bring the entire world to us—instantly—with a touch of a finger. In a not so distant future we will be wearing these computers on our wrists (I hope not) or our faces with such innovations like Google Glass. Will brain implants one day do away with any device or hardware required to access all the worlds information?

Fashion faux pas aside, I think these technical advancements are inevitable yet at the same time very scary.

What seems to bother me is what will happen to our humanity as all these technical advancements come into our lives. We already deal with the quick “phone, text and email check” at the dinner table or during a conversation with someone else.

Is it lost on our society that this action is actually quite rude to the other person you are sitting with? I know I am guilty of frequently swiping my iPhone and seeing what I missed over the last five or ten minutes. In reality, it simply says to the other person, “you are not very important to me and I am wondering what other bits of information I can quickly scan to keep my attention.”

What will happen when we wear a pair of glasses with a screen ever-present right in front of us?

I am afraid we, as a society, are not prepared for this use of technology. Sociologically, we are trained to observe people and gauge them via non-verbal cues as to how we are connecting with them. Are they threatened, scared, turned on, tuned out, distracted, interested, etc. The human eyes/mind/body instantly calculates these millions of inputs and tells us what is going on within this specific human interaction. We live our lives on non-verbal human cues.

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Published My First Book: The Agony and Ecstasy of Entrepreneurship

Agony and Ecstacy of Entrepreneurship

I am pleased to announce today we are releasing my first book, published through Hyperink.

It comes in ebook format, with content adapted from posts originating on this blog.  I cover topics ranging from leadership, founding experiences, to dealing with uncertainty and doubt.  Go ahead, don’t be shy… give it a purchase and see what happens next!

It’s called The Agony and Ecstasy of Entrepreneurship. Here’s where you can buy it for only $5.95:

  • Amazon

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  • Hyperink

    (includes the book in three popular drm-free formats: pdf, mobi, and epub)

Once upon a time there was a world where you went to school, earned a degree, graduated with honors and went straight into a 35-year career with one company. Simple was your life. They treated you right; you worked your way up the company ladder toward senior management; and when you retired they took care of you through your golden years. That was then.

This is now.

Nothing is guaranteed and we’re all fighting for our own scraps today. The world has changed, and your life now depends on you navigating the professional world with a new set of skills and talents. Whether you are starting your own company or joining a large corporation, today’s world demands you to be entrepreneurial in everything you do—fighting tooth and nail for new customers, innovating around creative ideas and new business models, networking with others, and understanding we now live in a fluid and ever-changing world economy where thousands are all elbowing for one job opening.

So what makes you unique in this new world?

What follows has been adapted from my blog, So Entrepreneurial, and placed into book format. They are my thoughts and musings on all things entrepreneurial, meant to help you understand what it takes and how to think like an entrepreneur in today’s world. Far from perfect and by no means the only way to go about the journey, they represent my lessons taken straight from the trenches. Since my thoughts originated as blog posts it’s best to take them piecemeal, maybe even digesting just a few topics each day. You will find my main perspectives are around mobile, digital and internet technologies, but the principles can be applied to any other entrepreneurial focus.

I am not bashful in saying entrepreneurship is not easy—in fact it is extremely difficult. Yet for many reasons it’s probably one of the most rewarding pursuits in the world. You will find straightforward talk, deep thinking and at times uncomfortable topics discussed with authenticity and honesty in hopes to educate the less familiar on the ups and downs of life as a founder. If anything, I’m sure it will lend itself to some entertaining reading.

Your own agony and ecstasy of entrepreneurship will rock your world more than you ever imagined, my hope is that by sharing my thoughts and experiences it might help you prepare for—and even celebrate—entrepreneurship in some small way. If you feel so inclined, shoot me an email and share your own entrepreneurial story.

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So Apparently My Blog Stats Point To Me Being #1 Asshole!

According to my stats today, someone is searching my name with the words “asshole” associated with it.

Actually, according to this person I am the worlds #1 asshole!  See for yourself down below.

I not sure what I did, or if they are actually looking for Nick Hughes – the entrepreneur – as being the #1 asshole.  Surely I’m not the only one named Nick Hughes in the world.  Right….?

Note to the person searching for asshole me: I’m sorry, it’s just been “one of those months.” But hey, at least I am #1 at something!

An interesting side note is the amount of wisdom tooth searches you see on the list.  No joke, it been happening every day since January.  People must really have issues with their teeth and are looking for a little wisdom from someone who has dealt with them before, and lived to tell the tale.

Go ahead, poke around my blog and decide for yourself if I am the #1 asshole they were searching for.