One Big Problem: The Worlds #1 Search Engine Is Not The Worlds #1 Social Network

Google just made a big, bold move and integrated Google+ profiles into their search results.  Yesterday, Google launches Personal Results,Profiles in Search, and People and Pages, new features of its core search product that mark the real beginning of Google’s social search era.

It looks something like this:

The big problem with this is that Google, the worlds best place to search and find information, is assuming my Google+ profile is the most relevant social profile about me and so it should be surfaced first.  Well, I will tell you this:  It’s not.   I rarely (if ever) update Google+ with links, updates and information.   LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are better representations of me and my interests.

Sorry Google.  You are not my default social identity.

When Google+ launched months ago there was a strong reaction around the fact that we don’t need another social profile to keep updated.  There are already too many and this fact still remains true today.  Interestingly, I have seen less Google+ requests lately than I did last fall.

I bet this is the same for millions of other people.  I bet more people keep Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn updated and informed than their Google+ profile.

Am I correct?


Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Google+ Which Provides More Value?

Social applications have taken our world by storm the last few years and have indeed proven they are important utilities in our lives. I think it is safe to say some are mere vanity and fun; some are valuable resources to help us move forward in our life pursuits.

The question is: which is which?

I have to say LinkedIn – with the ability to keep me connected with important people in my industry, help distribute my writing as well as bring me updated with relevant industry articles and information each day – has positioned itself as the most valuable network in my life.  Consumer Privacy concerns aside, the future looks HUGE for LinkedIn.  I use LinkedIn pretty much every day, somehow someway.

Twitter is a close second.  It has helped distribute information as well as loosely connect me with thousands of people.  It’s potential to change the world is still largely untapped.  I check Twitter every day.

Facebook does not provide $100 billion worth of value in my life… do I really care about what all my old high school friends and other acquaintances are doing?  Harsh, yes.  But apparently it’s not very valuable to me.  It’s just something of a courtesy check every day or day to see the what’s going on in my friends lives.  But the problem is – I’m really not engaged with the network.  Will this change?

Google+ just seems to be skidding along right now with no real value proposition above and beyond all the others mentioned.  It is worthless to me at this point.  What say you?

I don’t care the valuation of each as a company; I am wondering which provides the most value to you as a user – every day.  I have a feeling the one with the highest valuation is not providing the most value… do you agree?   Answer why you feel the way you do in the comments.





Google Plus

FYI – LinkedIn Is Using Your Photo and Your Actions In Social Advertising

I discovered this little secret today and want to make sure you are aware of it.

LinkedIn is automatically opting you into their social advertising, using your image and actions with social advertising on their site.  Yes, this is shocking.  It is a warning because as LinkedIn gets larger they might start to extend their ad network out onto other properties and I want to make sure I am not involved (unless I have consented to it).  Probably good to check into this now.

Here is where to go and what you will read (Image below)

Settings > Account > Manage Social Advertising >


LinkedIn may sometimes pair an advertiser’s message with social content from LinkedIn’s network in order to make the ad more relevant. When LinkedIn members recommend people and services, follow companies, or take other actions, their name/photo may show up in related ads shown to you. Conversely, when you take these actions on LinkedIn, your name/photo may show up in related ads shown to LinkedIn members. By providing social context, we make it easy for our members to learn about products and services that the LinkedIn network is interacting with.

(Checked Box) – LinkedIn may use my name, photo in social advertising.

The box was auto-checked for me.  Obviously, I wouldn’t have gone into my account and chosen for my image and actions to be used in their advertising.  I have unchecked it.

Have I been under a rock or did I miss this announcement?  Shouldn’t we have a say in this type of activity before they default it checked? Anyone else know of this?

Pass this onto others so they can take precautions to preserve their privacy.

Seattle – Learn the Secrets of LinkedIn

If you live in Seattle and are interested in learning how to best use LinkedIn, go to this meetup on the 23rd of June.  The Tea Palace in Renton, WA will play host for the meetup, and it will only cost $5.00.  Well worth it… it might just help you find your next business partner or land that great gig you have been wishing would fall in your lap.  By the way, I received this courtesy of Michael Surkan just by being a part of the Linked:Seattle group on LinkedIn.  Good stuff.

Learn the secrets of LinkedIn at the Linked:Seattle June 23rd meetup.

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