Do These 4 things To kick Ass As An Influencer

Why are certain people more influential than others.  Were they born that way?  Are they smarter than you or me?  Do they know something others don’t?  I am not sure there’s just one correct answer but after spending the summer doing more of the below activities, I have a better idea what happens as your influence expands around the world.

The image below illustrates the ladder of participation in any medium.  We all are one of these at any certain time; Creators, critics, collectors, joiners, spectators,and inactives.  Obviously, the higher one can get (and stay) on the ladder, the larger their influence will be with all the others.

Here’s how to kick ass as an influencer:

Influencers Read

Influencers read incessantly.  They have a yearning to always know the latest news and insider perspective.  They access the best publications to get a keen grasp on the the industry.  Through constant monitoring, like an ear to the railroad tracks, one can get a feel for shifts in technology – seismic or slight as they may be.  With an industry such as the technology space, things change daily and keeping up on the changes can be the difference between a first mover advantage and last to the party.  Reading also sharpens the mind and helps with comprehension while expanding the knowledge base.  Why would’t anyone want to do that?

Influencers Write

What does one do with all that knowledge and information they are collecting each day?  Write about it!  Although reading and mentally organizing vasts amounts of information helps to increase personal bandwidth, putting thoughts together on screen in a cohesive manner only adds to personal comprehension of abstract concepts.  Like an artist who throws various colors together to bring a painting to life, to each of us writing can be a piece of art that takes upon a life of its own.  Each person has within them a unique perspective of the world, and writing provides a pedistal to stand in which we organize thoughts and inform others.

Influencers Publish

Writing your thoughts on a word doc is a start but it will not lead to becoming influential, you need a platform for publication.  Blogging has become mainstream and it is quite easy to establish your own blog/site in which you can publish your words.  This seems to be the biggest hurdle for most to overcome, as it can be overwhelming and intimidating to put yourself out there with little place to hide.  Yet, that is the whole point…  Creating authentic words, infusing a unique personality, adding to it a spice of your own creativity is what people crave most in today’s media.  Most people don’t want another also-ran, bland, vanilla reporter regurgitating the facts of todays news that can be found on a hundred other sites around the web.  They want uniqueness.  They want personality.  They want to feel as if they know you as a blogger, writer or executive.  They want to feel close and connected to someone influential.  Trust me, they want to be inspired, so click ‘publish’.

Influencers Distribute

Once published, influencers understand the only way their words are going to reach the masses of people is if they can get to where they are.  Using the popular social platforms to their advantage, they get to work on spreading the information far and wide.  Creating titiles with Twitter in mind – with each tweet of the post the Title becomes the default twitter message – will only magnify the spread of each article.  Also, major publications are now allowing outside contributors (like myself) to harness their platform and add to the editorial strength of the brand.  Any influencer knows they need to be where the masses of people are in order for them to find you and your words.  Hop on the train before it’s too late!  Finding the appropriate avenues of distribution will lead to a growing number of eager readers.

As you can see, all it takes for someone to massively improve their influence is read quality content, write good content, actually publish the words and distribute it to a wide audience.  Those are 4 quick ways one can kick ass as an influencer.

Why Distribution Will Make or Break Your Company

Yesterday, as I was sitting with a friend talking about his early stage company, it hit me.  We were reviewing what he has built, where he is currently and what he is looking to do next.  It was becoming more obvious to me as the meeting went on he was experiencing a common startup dilemma: Great product, No distribution.

Here’s a little background:

This founder has an incredible technical history.  He has worked for very a large tech company here locally and knows his stuff. You can tell he is quite intelligent.  His product is a bit over the average person’s head, more enterprise and B2B focused.  His target customers are business owners and website owners.  He has vast domain knowledge and understands where his product will benefit his users.  He even has a beta version with a small initial user base.   I told him he is in a good situation but has a few big hurdles to figure out.

The problem is he is technically bent, not marketing bent.  Technical people think all you have to do is build a great product.  Although that is true, marketing people understand the positioning of the great product is what determines how big you will grow as a company.   Being foreign, he lacks the clarity in speaking English required to deeply explain his product.  This is fine, but since it is just him right now he cannot depend on a sales oriented approach.  His product is not inherently social, so he cannot rely on word of mouth.

This person is not alone.  I was a part of the recent Founder Institute Seattle winter 2011 class and encountered many companies with similar challenges.  Highly technical team.  Very interesting product.  Solves a unique problem.  But no clear distribution model.

So if you are not building the next social sharing tool, how the heck do you find the vehicle to expand your user base?

Find distribution channels.

1.  Where can you get a free listing or publicity?  There is a magnitude of places on the web where galleries or showcases of applications bring  additional tools to product users (think Google apps).  Is your product is an add on, a second generation tool of an existing product, or interactive with a larger ecosystem?  All these allow you to be highlighted in galleries supporting the main ecosystem.  Find ’em or you will wither on the vine.

2.  What major company needs your product?  One of the best methods to major distribution is to land a very large and visible company as an initial customer.  Maybe you allow them to use it for free with the agreement they will promote it.  Maybe book them with a very large price tag to help you float for the next 6 months.  Whatever the agreement is, make sure you can find a market leader who will provide the credibility necessary for others to follow.

3.  Social Proof.  Although your product is not inherently social, you can still figure out ways to bake in social proof to the everyday use of your product.  It’s the old hotmail bit… every time an email message was sent, hotmail automatically added to the end of each message “Get your private, free email at”.  This idea is still one of the best marketing concepts every created.  Figure out how to implement it your own unique way.

4.  Find the Influencers.  The main thing I tried to nail home with my friend was he needed to find the one percent, the main target users who will become the influencers for his product.  Together with the above mentioned ideas, this is how you integrate yourself into the proper distribution channels.

And to bring it home, here is the only way I could describe it to him.

Dude, I just started blogging 2 weeks ago.  When you start a blog, you begin writing with the knowledge that only 20 or 50 people will be reading your stuff.  I quickly realized this and decided I needed to ink a few distribution deals if I was going to grow my readers.  I reached out to John Cook at  He like it and got me on there.  I reached out to an editor at  She liked it and hooked me up.  Now, thousands of people are reading my stuff and it is starting to grow.  People are adding me on Twitter like crazy (that was your que) and now they are connected to me independent of those resources.  Without those distribution deals, I was dead in the water.  You need to do the equivalent of that with your product or you will never grow.