Casting Away Into The Blue Ocean

AtseaIn a few short days I along with a few others in Seattle will be announcing the launch of a new venture.

What is it you say?

Oh, it’s a surprise.

What I wanted to touch upon right now is the direction we are going and what unknowns it will bring.  Not only are we launching a new product, it’s in an (almost) completely new category.  We are confident in our approach since there are significant signs around the world this new category and technology will be game changing.   We are also confident we are seeing a significant technological innovation and want to be a part of it as early as possible.

But there’s also some downsides.  There’s regulation and government fears.  And when those two things are present there’s always possibilities of shutdowns, arrests and jail time.   We have, are, and will continue to take the correct actions and seek the appropriate counsel in these regards.   There’s also a quite large chasm of consumer education associated with this technology.  We aim to move the sector in the right direction and help average Joe’s understand the nuances of such technology.

So yes, it’s still unproven.  It’s completely blue waters, meaning there’s little to no bloody red water from fierce competition .  This is a blessing and a curse, since we have the opportunity to influence the market and quickly become a market leader.  Yet on the other end, where’s theres massive competition at least you know there’s customers and business to be had.

Can’t have it all!

But I like venturing into blue water, it’s where I feel most comfortable and the most promising.  I like to be on the forefront, testing, innovating and seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Leading, not following.  I don’t like to release metoo businesses.

So, here’s to casting out into the blue waters once again.  I am excited to announce our next project(s) and hope you are too.  I hope you might be willing to jump toward the blue water and join me.