How To Best Handle ‘Battles’ Within Your Team

Is it a good sign if team members are frequently challenging and arguing with each other ?

I say yes.

And so does Patrick Henley.

During a recent Founds RAW conversation we touched on the subject of leadership and team dynamics.

“If they aren’t arguing with one another or passionately responding to others ideas, it tells me they don’t really care.” – Patrick Henley, co-founder of Amp Tab

I like that statement.  I believe it to be true as well.

A healthy dose of argument and discussion is essential for a team to balance themselves out.  There should never be the same winner each and every time, that would eventually discourage others from speaking up.  “what’s the point?” they will start up wonder.  Probably the best way to shut someone down is to never value their opinion, or put to use their ideas.

But if the team agrees upon a method of “battling” where each person’s perspective is heard, understood, evaluated and then placed in juxtaposition to the vision of the product/company and then eventually one direction is decided on, that – to me – is a healthy team.

The key is to actually agree upon your “rules of Battle” early on in the companies lifecycle.  How are new ideas submitted?  How will we decide which is the best option?  How do we  pitch these ideas, and hear each person out so everyone is on equal footing?  Who’s the ultimate decision maker?  Where does the buck stop?  Deciding on these upfront will save a lot of frustration later.

Watch and see what Patrick has to say.  It’s great.   Go to Founders RAW >>>