COURSE NOW OPEN: Founders Five – Master the 5 Essentials Required To Survive And Thrive As A Founder. SAVE $200 This Week Only

Back by popular demand, I am excited to announce the return of an online course, and it might be just what you needed to jump into fall and end the year on a high note.

What is Founders Five?

I have grown Founders Live from a small simple event in Seattle to a thriving global movement currently spreading across multiple continents in a short 2-year period. Through this process, I’ve learned a thing or two about starting and growing a brand and want to help others launch their dream companies as well.

Founders Five is a 5-week course to help develop your founder mentality and startup philosophy. The goal is less about launching something by the end of 5 weeks, but more about diving deep and learning what it takes to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship. My goal is to equip you with the tools and thought processes to better navigate your path, so you leave the course with more confidence and conviction. To make sure we all get the most out of it, this course is open to a limited amount of people and offered for a limited time. We hope you join in and use this summer as a launch pad for your entrepreneurial journey.




(Video) – Founders Live Conversations with Ciara Pressler of Pregame

I recently sat down with Ciara Pressler of Pregame, a collective space for entrepreneurs in Portland OR to talk about acting, early entrepreneurial lessons, how to market your startup, and female founder challenges. Ciara is a natural on camera and has a ton of startup wisdom to share.

(VIDEO) Founders Live Conversations – Rebecca Alexander of AllGo Talks About Improving The World For Plus Size People

I recently sat down with Rebecca Alexander, CEO and Founder of AllGo to talk about her experience as a person of size, why she created AllGo, and what it’s been like as a first-time founder. AllGo is a platform created for plus size people to help them feel more comfortable in the world and to drive change in how the world views and treats large people.

By far, this is my favorite interview to date and I am incredibly proud and inspired by Rebecca’s courage, confidence, and vision to make the world a better place.  As you watch you will hear honesty and truth, at times it was hard for me to ask questions because it felt uncomfortable to go there with her. But, I needed it. I needed to hear the truth of how people of size think, feel and experience the world.  I am better for it! I hope this conversation helps you see things in a different way as well.


The Inevitable Box – A Founders LIVE Conversation with Author and Entrepreneur Clarke Allen

I recently sat down with entrepreneur and new author Clarke Allen to talk entrepreneurship and the process of writing a new book. Clarke has an incredible entrepreneurial story, one he shares throughout his newly released book called The Inevitable Box. The wide ranging conversation covers topics such as why Clarke choose entrepreneurship, (or did it choose him?), how Clarke got started in his business, how he managed the ups and downs of founder life, how he lost everything and built his company back to where it is today, as well as his experience through the book writing process and what it’s like to get something published.  You can grasp the sense of purpose Clarke has in both his approach to business as well as writing this book.

This conversation was especially exciting for me as he was honored to have written the Foreword of the book, a story Clarke and I touch upon in our conversation. Listen here.

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