Gratitude And Love For All Of You

I recently announced my plans for a 12-month Founders Live world tour. This post describes another lesson from my journey and what I have initially learned from taking the biggest risk of my life to date. Follow along here on this blog and here.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 at 6.13.26 PM

A new phrase has started coming out of my mouth more frequently: I don’t have the words to describe my life right now and what I am experiencing. It’s that good.  

It’s weird. It’s difficult to be going through an experience and not be able to describe it, to not be able to translate it so others could also understand and feel it.

All I can say is this thing just keeps getting better each day. The people I am introduced to are more connected than ever. The conversations I am having with – strangers, or fast friends – is truly heartfelt and on levels I haven’t tapped into for a very long time. Having the opportunity to take the stage and address a new audience in a new city each week is such an honor.

I acknowledge these experiences are not normal and I am lucky to be right here, right now. But I also have immense gratitude for everyone who has come around me and Founders Live. The support, assistance, conversations, roofs over my head, food, drinks, applause, introductions, teachings, and everything else that comes with this position does not go unnoticed.

Recently I have learned more about Gratitude and Appreciation than I have in a long time. It hit me as I was walking up a big San Francisco hill today. Sometimes it takes falling off the cliff and feeling all the people who are picking you up, helping you to get back on your feet to really understand gratitude.

It’s such an honor to be doing what I am doing and I appreciate all of you. Today, I don’t say I Love You to any one person. Today I say: I Love All Of You. All of you who have supported me and Founders Live, this is for you. And I am so excited to see what no only tomorrow but the next few months bring us!

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