(VIDEO) Founders Live Conversations – Rebecca Alexander of AllGo Talks About Improving The World For Plus Size People

I recently sat down with Rebecca Alexander, CEO and Founder of AllGo to talk about her experience as a person of size, why she created AllGo, and what it’s been like as a first-time founder. AllGo is a platform created for plus size people to help them feel more comfortable in the world and to drive change in how the world views and treats large people.

By far, this is my favorite interview to date and I am incredibly proud and inspired by Rebecca’s courage, confidence, and vision to make the world a better place.  As you watch you will hear honesty and truth, at times it was hard for me to ask questions because it felt uncomfortable to go there with her. But, I needed it. I needed to hear the truth of how people of size think, feel and experience the world.  I am better for it! I hope this conversation helps you see things in a different way as well.


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