Don’t Miss LivenUp – An online Entrepreneurship Festival on 7/15

Something cool is brewing on Founders LIVE.

We are announcing a new monthly event called LivenUp, a 1-day virtual festival on Founders LIVE that brings together the entrepreneurial community.

The first one takes place the entire day of this Friday, July 15th, starting at 8am. Mark your Calendars, and check out the schedule to determine which talks you’d like to tap into. The purpose of the event is to infuse wisdom, energy and connectedness into the larger community once per month. We think it will achieve that, and a whole lot more!


The festival will consist of:

  • Four live streamed keynote conversations (a special guest + me) occurring throughout the day, live streamed on the site via Google Hangouts. If you cannot view them live, you will have access to various pieces of the content after the event.
  • Topics covered: Entrepreneurship, Branding, Marketing, Podcasting
  • A startup video pitch competition where viewers vote on their favorite to determine the winner.
  • Viewer generated posts and content relevent to the day’s topics
  • Group and one-on-one chat sessions so you can meet other people
  • many other small activities sprinkled in between for the community

The Keynote conversations will be unique, authentic and REAL, given from entrepreneurs or industry experts, in-depth perspectives on how to live and grow as an entrepreneur. They will be viewed via livestream on Founders LIVE. There will be live messaging/chat for viewers to communicate during the talks, as well as serving as a mechanism for asking questions to the guests at the end of their conversations. Members are also encouraged to submit their own content, posts, videos, etc.. on the home feed to add variety to the event.

LivenUp will create a critical mass of energy and interactions between entrepreneurs as well as provide content to be dissected and talked about on the platform over the preceding weeks leading up to the next LivenUP event in August.

Attendees gain full access to LivenUp and the Founders LIVE online community with their monthly membership subscription to Founders LIVE.

LivenUP July Keynote Guests

8am PST

Jonny Cadden – “Why Entrepreneurship Matters To The World”Business Rocks

Jonny is an entrepreneur, designing a global tech, music & investment festival series to inspire the world through his massive entrepreneurial event called Business Rocks. He will talk with Nick about why Entrepreneurship matters in this world, and how one can best get started.

12pm PST

Heather Wilde – “Finding Your Inner Unicorn”


Heather is a multi-award-winning Mentor, Advisor, Author, Speaker, Presenter and Credentialed Coach that works with Executives, Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. She helps entrepreneurs find their inner Unicorn, even though she hates the recent use of the word. She will talk with Nick about how each and every one of us have a unique thing – our own Unicorn – that we need to find, identify and share with the world.

2pm PST

Michael Knouse – “Discovering Your Voice With Podcasting”

The Startup Sessions

Michael Knouse is a Business and Performance Coach for small business owners and visionary entrepreneurs. After spending 14-years in the software industry and being involved with four startups from various industries, Michael decided to focus on what he loves most – mentoring and coaching other business builders to find their focus and transform into high performers. He will talk with Nick about how to leverage podcasting to not only discover but extend your brand voice across the world.

4pm PST

Nicole Lamont – “Going Beyond Marketing”

Beyond Brewing Consulting

Nicole is a leader in creative thinking, who innovates current processes on the front side of your company. She assists in determining what is your brand identity, and how will this effect the future strategies as you grow your business. She will talk with Nick about issues in marketing today, and how startups can think strategically as they come out of the gate.



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