Sometimes You Just Gotta Try New Things

So I am now a published author and a producing/hosting a new weekly show talking with other founders.

Even just a year ago I wouldn’t have even thought this was possible, yet here I am working on some cool new projects.

Many out there might think “I could never produce a show, let alone get in front of a camera and talk with people!”  Or, “write a book? Where do I even start?”

The thing is you just do.  Just start with an idea. Start talking about it with people. Brainstorm.  Whiteboard.  Draw something.  Write something.  Passionately talk about it and dream about what it could become.

Grab your phone, turn on the video camera and start interviewing people.  It’s that simple.

Sometimes you just need to try new things.  It’s amazing what happens when you simply start talking about a new idea.  Nate and I literally sat in lobby of the W hotel a few months ago and discovered we both were thinking of an idea on how to help entrepreneurs.  We realized we wanted to create multimedia around founders and their stories.  We wanted to bring forth the truth about entrepreneurship and hopefully help others start their journey.

We knew it would require some help on the video side, and we found it.  Now we are having a great time each week filming awesome conversations with founders and other people within the Seattle startup community.

It all started with a conversation.

And the willingness to try something new.

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