Who Wants To Be Written About? I Have Writers Block And I’m Taking Requests!

Writers block!

If you are a frequent reader to this blog you will occasionally read posts about other entrepreneurs.  I like to write about specific startups and entrepreneurs I find interesting.   I am looking for more!

Here are a few posts covering startups and founders:

If SkyGlue is the CIA, HasOffers is the Godfather

ZappBug Dissected: The Crazy Story About Turning Bed Bugs Into A ‘Killer’ Business

What It’s Like Inside SURF Incubator After A “Wild And Unforgettable” Year

If you are an early stage founder or startup that has not received a lot of media attention, here’s your chance to be covered.  I have a decent following and if the post is well received you could be highlighted in front of thousands of readers.

Email me at jnickhughes @ gmail.com or twitter – @jnickhughes with what you are doing and why I should write about you.

This should be fun.


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