Ultimately The Tech Needs To Disappear

In this video Hosain Rahman, CEO of Jawbone talks with Kevin Rose on subjects ranging from Jawbone’s startup phase and the future of wearable technology.

About 30 mins into the conversation when referring to Up, their new wearable wristband movement tracker, Hosain mentions something about how ultimately technology just needs to disappear.  More specifically, he says people are most concerned about the look and feel of technology they are wearing over what it does for them.  Only if they feel comfortable and believe it is stylish will they then fall in love with idea of wearing it each day.

It’s a great insight into how to both build something people will WANT to use as well as something that actually WORKS.

Although we are not building wearable technology products, this is something I have been thinking more about recently.  The best technology basically disappears or is very subtle in operation in the background, allowing an person to more easily go about their life.

Think about Uber.  You click your location and put away your phone.  Then a short time later a black car arrives, you get in, they drive to your destination and then you simply get out of the car.  Payment and credit is all taken car of in the back end and out of sight of the consumer.  It’s beautiful.

This is a great conversation and you get the feeling Jawbone is going to be a major player in the coming wave of wearable technology.

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