Mobile Payments Startup Seconds Is Looking To Add An Engineer. Who’s It Gonna Be?

After successfully launching a our beta product and receiving interest from around the world, we are seeking a new technical lead who can help scale Seconds to a large mobile payments business.  Below is our vision and the basic requirements we are looking for in the person who will eventually join our team.  For more information about the business, see video’s below, go to or respond to me.

What is Seconds?

There is vast inefficiency in how consumers, merchants and brands exchange money for products, services and content. Issues stem from legacy payment methods (checks, cash, wire transfers) and from the fractured landscape of personal identity (SSNs, driver’s licenses, login credentials). Seconds’ communication and commerce platform solves these problems by converting the mobile device into both a fast and simple method of payment and a secure way to guarantee consumer identity.

We believe there is an unprecedented opportunity to bring mobile payments technology to the 6 billion mobile devices around the world.  We do this in three distinct ways:

PLATFORM AND DEVICE AGNOSTIC. Leveraging SMS technology for payments allows Seconds to be platform agnostic, meaning any mobile device holder can transact with any merchant or brand connected to the platform. This instantly opens up a market of over 240 million mobile consumers in the U.S. and almost 6 billion more individuals worldwide–giving Seconds the potential to be the most democratic mobile payment platform on the planet. Most other competitors opt for a native app experience, which immediately limits their reach. We believe that mobile payments should be open to all–not just to owners of smart phones.

PROXIMITY AGNOSTIC. Seconds dissociates proximity from transaction. Unlike NFC or Square, consumers can pay for products or services from anywhere with Seconds. This frees up the mobile device to become the new payment terminal, a terminal that resides in the consumer’s hand rather than sitting on the merchant’s counter. As a result, entirely new categories of transaction–from rent payment to concert ticket purchases–are available anywhere, anytime for anyone.

CONNECTION AND COMMUNICATION. Seconds sits at the convergence of communication and transaction. Our platform treats all parties–be they merchants, brands or consumers–as humans. Not only does Seconds offer quick and easy payments, but it also provides the opportunity for brands to have a conversation and relationship with their customers via the SMS channel. This high-tech, high-touch connection separates Seconds from all the other mobile commerce platforms on the market.

How big is this opportunity?

Previous Experience:

  • Has spent time in a startup environment
  • Has managed/led a team of engineers
  • Front and backend coding experience
  • Has experience with scaling technical infrastructure


  • Cloud based infrastructures such as Heroku or AWS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js and coffeeScript
  • Cloud communication platforms such as Twilio
  • Natural language processing
  • Electronic payments, web processors and web merchant accounts

Personal situation:

  • Can go 3-6 months without/low pay
  • Ready to take on a very big challenge
  • Looking for a full time company, not a side project
  • Is entrepreneurial in nature


  • Equity stake
  • Competitive salary
If you want to change the world, please reach out to us.

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