Quality Writing Skills Are The Best Way For Startups To Get Discovered

Publishing on social sites and writing blog posts has a direct effect on traffic (and thus eventual usage) to Seconds.  Looking at Google Analytics numbers for November 2011, direct access to the site led the way.  The next question is how did those people know to go directly to Seconds, or Order SM at the time?

1. (direct) / (none
2. google / organic
3. t.co / referral
4. angel.co / referral
5. entrepreneur.com / referral
6. facebook.com / referral
7. quora.com / referral
8. soentrepreneurial.com / referral
9. dev.ordersm.com / referral
10. geekwire.com / referral

Looking past the first 2 (direct and google), you can see the next 8 are all social and publishing oriented.  The thing to realize is most of the direct visits originated one way or another from the other sources.  Not being even 4 months old as a company, the most predominant way people hear about our company and kick ass new concept is through written words – social sharing, articles and blog post.  As the weeks continue more and more people are discovering Seconds from one of our publishing avenues.  They may not click through the link (that is how it’s measured) but opt to just type in our url the next day.

Causation or correlation aside, it is pretty obvious we must continue to publish as we proceed our initial rollout.  We must drive awareness of Seconds and our mobile commerce platform through our publishing skills.  Here are the main ways make noise and get the word out:

Publishing to this blog, So Entrepreneurial

Seconds Dev blog  

Nick guest Contributing on Business Insider

Nick guest publishing on GeekWire

Twitter sharing

Facebook sharing

AngelList updates and links

Writing is a strong suit for our a team and we will never stop being creative in our noise making.  Emerging startups need to do anything they can to make noise and get discovered.  The key is to find your strength, identifty what you are good at and determine to ride that skill for everything it’s worth.

2 thoughts on “Quality Writing Skills Are The Best Way For Startups To Get Discovered

  1. I think you are completely correct- It begins with a search. Given the prevalence of social media, people not only find content through searches, but though recommendation from friends. Instead of people finding content, content now has a way of finding people.

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