Open Vs Closed: Should You Publicly Blog About Your Company Strategy?

Here’s a scary thought:  Write about your company, product and vision in public to tell everyone what you are doing and where you are going as a company.

Not many founders embrace an open approach to starting their companies.  In fact, they brag about being quiet and secretive, “We are in stealth right now so I really can’t expand on what we are doing.”  Most do this because they think someone is going to take their idea and steal their thunder.

Well, hate to tell ya but the world has changed.   More information is created each day than we can even fathom, and with ideas a dime a dozen proper execution is really the main strategic advantage now.

Wouldn’t it be easier to grow a startup if it were more publicly evaluated?

Why Closed Is Not Smart

The most difficult time for a company and its founders ‘s when it is being formed.  Since it’s so new, naturally nobody knows about it.  If your goal for this new company is to quickly achieve a sustainable model – one which allows for either proof of concept (investors) or proof of customers (revenue) – then stealth is the worst position to be in.  Stealth means no one knows about you and will never find out about you.   This means death for a young company and it’s founders.

Why Being Open Is A Strategic Asset

Momentum is to startups what spinach was to Popeye.  Being open, noisy and developing a brand voice creates much needed attention and momentum for a young startup.  By initially making your own noise you set the stage for others to start making noise for you.  This is called PR.   If no one is doing your PR for you, then do it yourself.  Are you in an interestingly new, rapidly growing or controversial market?  Pick an angle, stand behind it and write about it.  Think of it as building a repository of published thoughts and perspectives, leading others to easily finding your voice.  As your market continues to evolve, they will start to remember your name and your company.  You will emerge as a market leader, an expert (in their eyes) and a solid contact when others start to write on the topic.  Your company will naturally fit into ” one of the main companies doing X” statements.

Obviously there comes a time when certain information is best kept behind company walls.  But, who knew keeping things secret would be such a disadvantage when you are just starting?  I am interested in getting a conversation started here on what people think about open vs closed.

So what do you think?  Should You Publicly Blog About Your Company?


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