Thinking Of Quitting? Ask yourself this.

I have those quittin’ thoughts every know and then.   Even the ones at the top think it’s ok for Startup CEOs, to be ‘Scared Sh*tless’ Sometimes.

CEO coach Jerry Colonna says: “I encourage people to own up to the fact that they’re figuring it out, that you’re inventing new things, and that sometimes you’re going to get it wrong. When you admit it, it makes it OK. No one has gone to school to be a CEO–you don’t learn this except by getting in there and figuring it out.”

That’s damn right: No one has gone to school to learn how to be a CEO.  The lessons happen each and every day and it’s scary as sh*t.

I have been at that point many times, and currently going through a pretty challenging stretch as Seconds matures from an infant startup to a growing but clumsy kid.

I have been at the point of not being able to pay my rent on time.

I have had to “eat light” some nights.  In fact, I have not even been able to eat at all because there was no money left.  I have had to ask myself many times, “is this really worth it?”

But what do you do when you have these thoughts of quitting?  How do you forge forward towards building your dream and making things happen?

You ask yourself this:  

How would I think about myself in 50 years if I give up now.  Take the easy route and go get a normal job or do something else?  Will I be proud of that decision and the person I became?

Or would I be more proud of myself because I dug down deep, knowing most people just give up way too easy.  How about putting one more foot in front of the other, forge ahead and make that extra phone call or email?  Who know’s, you might just be one more at bat away from a home run.

I think you know the answer.