Who Inspires Me?

You might wonder who inspires me as an entrepreneur and a writer.

There are many, but one person is Mark Suster.  He is a previous two time entrepreneur – sold his last company to Salesforce – and is now an investor and has been with with Upfront Ventures for about 6 or 7 years.

He’s great because he views startups from both the investor AND the founder perspectives, hence he writes at Both Sides Of The Table.   His straightforward tone and no BS attitude is something I have taken to my own words.  Like him I feel truth, honesty and controversial topics should be embraced by an influencer.  Ya’ll deserve it.

To get an idea of who Mark is, here’s a recent interview with Sarah Lacy of PandoDaily.

If you are an entrepreneur I suggest sitting back and taking some notes.  It’s long, but chock full of gems.

How Will You Measure Your Life?

For your Sunday viewing.

Here are two really great videos on Clayton Christensen and disruptive innovation.  The first is an interview given by Mark Suster, a VC and two time entrepreneur, as a wide ranging conversation with Clayton at a recent Startup Grind event.

The second video is a TED talk by Christensen on his latest research titled “How will you measure your life?”  Great stuff and very much worth the time to watch.