This Keynote Will Go Down As The Turning Point In Mobile Communications History

I just (re)discovered this Steve Jobs keynote as I was doing some preparations for an upcoming Seconds demo.

It’s amazing.

Not only is it a perfect example of how to pull off a flawless demo, but it also occurred to me that this unveiling of the iPhone was a once in a generation event.   It’s hard to overstate the impact the iPhone has had on our world.  The introduction of the iPhone completely changed the mobile landscape, bringing smartphones into the mainstream at the same time setting the bar for Andriod devices and other smartphones.

It also pretty much paved the way for the iPad, which arguably is the fastest adopted new device/technology in history.

Sit back, take notes and enjoy history.

Watch Out! Downloading iOS 5 Could Automatically Erased All Your Apps

Apple seems to be having some difficulty with this new iOS release.  Planning on purchasing the 4S later this weekend, I wanted to test out the new iOS 5 with my 3GS.  Well, I connected my phone and started the download process.  The result – an entire system restore with ALL my purchased apps GONE!  You can see in the image below, there were a lot more apps yesterday.


Anyone looking to upgrade their iOS on their Apple device should either take extra precaution or wait a few more days until things get straigtened out.

Anyone else have this problem?  Please share in comments.