The Code Of Culture

Culture is a interesting animal.  It can be the difference between attracting world class talent or settling for sub par standards.  In a word, it’s paramount to a company’s success.

Just as an engineer uses a specific language and types characters into the terminal to create a product, so does the founder as he embeds certain principles and characteristics into an organization to create a unique company culture.

Culture happens if you know it or not.  Be careful founders, you reap what you sow.  Better plug in the right code as early as you can.

Today I stumbled upon the greatest presentation on company culture I have ever seen.  It’s great.  It’s comes from HubSpot, and accomplishes its goal of making me want to work for them.

In fact, it also accomplished its goal of helping me form my perspective on how to cultivate culture within my own organization.

I hope it does for you too.