Are You Protecting The Past or Creating The Future?

It’s a simple question but has huge ramifications.

Protecting the past means you are holding onto the past, looking backward worrying about how to preserve what you have.  The is reactive and will not give you the edge needed to be successful.

  • Newspapers are protecting their old antiquated ways to distribute information
  • The music labels are protecting their rights to music distribution, sinking the industry
  • Traditional book stores tried to preserve their old ways of distributing books, and lost to Amazon

Creating the future means you are always forward thinking; searching and thinking for new ways to compete and produce in your industry.  This is proactive and will lead to breakthroughs.

  • Information networks like Twitter looked forward and figured out how to serve people real-time news and information
  • Apple understood people wanted to purchase on track at a time and integrate the entire experience into itunes
  • Amazon looked ahead to find out people want a more simple reading experience, and created the Kindle.

The direction your neck is pointed will determine your direction in life.  Choose wisely.