I Am Writing A Book

Finally some good news I have been dying to share.  Yes, it’s true and you should be excited, I will be putting out a book very soon and I hope you help me help you by purchasing it.

Amazon-Kindle1I was approached recently by a company wanting to help me publish a book.   I felt very honored as I glanced through their previously published authors consisting of greatly respected people, such as prominent investors Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, tech blogger Semil Shah, entrepreneur Jeff Atwood and others.   Pretty cool I will be now sitting along side these guys.

A collection of my writings found on this blog is being put into book format by a cool new company and will not be your traditional novel meant to be read from start to finish.  It is bits and pieces of truth about technology, entrepreneurship, founder stories, leadership and life in general meant to educate and encourage others.   It will be in ebook form, and you will be able to download it in the common e-reader formats.

If you are a longtime visitor to this blog you surely will remember reading the original posts as you browse the book.  I hope you choose to purchase it and re-read them again, as sometimes we only really connect with lessons on the second go around.

If you are a newer visitor, we’ll this is perfect for you to get caught up on almost 2 years of thoughts and musings (that hopefully) have been useful to others around the world.

Keep your eye out for the release.  This should be the start of an exciting future of publishing great content in book format.

I Am Thinking The Exact Same Thing Right Now

John Battelle is currently embarking on a new book, titled What We Have Wrought.  In it he is attempting to write a narrative of the perspective in 2040, a generation ahead who is looking back on the last 30 years of progress back to today.  As he describes our situation, I stumbled upon this and fully agree with him:

I believe we are in a critical moment in our civilization’s development, one where we will face a number of fateful decisions about how we interact with each other, with business, and with government. The decisions we make during this period will frame the kind of world we’ll leave to future generations. Who will control the data we create? What access will we allow citizens to the machinations of government? What kind of people will we become when every single one of us is deeply connected to a socially aware platform like Facebook? Are we building systems – in healthcare, energy, finance – that are too complicated for any of us to understand, much less control?

In short, can we handle what we are creating? Thirty or so years from now, will we be questioning ourselves – “Lord, what hath we wrought?” Or will we look upon what we hath wrought, and be pleased? I think the answer lies in exploring where we are, right now, and laying out the implications of our actions today.

A longer post from me on these thoughts will follow, but go ahead and ponder those words for a moment.