Hey Seattle Tech Startups, Should We Host Another Startup Crawl?

Last year we threw a party called the Startup Crawl, and it was awesome.  On a Friday in August we had 4 various startups around downtown Seattle host for one hour and we crawled to successive parties.  If any of you made it you remember it was great times indeed.  Here’s a bit from last years event.

It will be in the form of a progressive party, with each host providing their choice of snack/beverages.  We will start at approximately 5pm with Cheezburger Inc./Decide.com as the first co-hosts.  After a drink or two, the group moves on to the offices of Estately/Nine-by-Blue to continue the festivities.  Next, around 7pm the group (probably growing at this time) will arrive at Habit Labs on 9th and finish up with a stop at Big Door in South Lake Union.  The afterparty will begin immediately afterwards, held downstairs (in the same building) hosted by Founders Co-op/TechStars.

So, should we do another one this year?  Please let me know and if enough people want another excuse to toss a few back and get social maybe we can quickly get it together.

Also reach out to me if your startup would like to host for an hour during the event.