Do You Think SF or NYC Public Transportation System Could Use This?

I keep having a reoccurring problem.  My Orca Card – Seattle’s version of the public transportation pass – seems to run out of money a very inopportune times.  On my way to an important meeting downtown.  Balance $0.00.  Getting on the bus to go home later at night.  Balance $0.00.

To keep in better control of my finances I choose to not have it automatically refilled each month, so I am at the mercy of knowing how much is on my card at any one time and if more money is needed, I must take time out of my day to go put more on it.  We have learned the majority of cards in circulation are not automatically refilled.

I either have to go online and pay, which takes 24 hours to process.  Or I have to walk to a physical location around town and make a payment at a kiosk.  It sucks.

Why can’t I just pay on the fly and put money back on the card?

Why can’t I be notified if my balance is getting low?

Others around Seattle have this problem, I know this because that is how we were pointed toward initiating talks with Sound Transit.  I have to believe others in additional metro areas around this country are frustrated by the same inconvenience.  That is why we are now starting to work with Sound Transit on a solution involving mobile payment in Seconds and a pilot is set to roll out in the coming months.

Below is a video of how it works.  Pretty smooth, eh?

I wonder if anyone in San Francisco, New York or any other metro area would want to refill their transit pass in Seconds?

What If You Could Pay Your Transit Pass With A Simple Text Message?

Have you ever been waiting for the bus only to realize you have no money left on your Orca card, or whatever they call the transit pass in your city?   Maybe you realize you are at zero balance as you are leaving the house and have to grab a few dollars in change just so you can pay for your bus into work?

Yeah, it’s not fun!  And that is why we are changing it.

Now you can refill your transit pass in Seconds.