What Is Founders LIVE And How Can Someone Join?

Blogging has been a way of life for me for the past 5 years. Through telling stories of entrepreneurship, documenting my own journey and wrapping in little nuggets of wisdom I picked up along the way, my words touched people in ways I never imagined. A few years ago I also started creating videos detailing others journey’s, aiming to capture the raw authentic truth of entrepreneurship. It worked.

Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 2.47.13 PMYet I recently came to a crossroads in the creative side of my life, and have been contemplating which long and winding road I should take next. I’VE COME TO DISCOVER THERE’S MORE UNDERNEATH ALL THIS CREATIVITY. The common theme in all these experiments is seeing the inspiration grow in people and how they desire to be a part of something bigger.

So about a month ago something became much more clear to me.

It’s not about Me, it’s about Us.

I didn’t want to just start another blog, or another social network. I wanted to create a space for creatives, entrepreneurs and go-getters to connect with like minded people and be provided a channel to display their talents – be it crafting pithy nuggets of wisdom, writing blog posts, conducting interviews, distributing podcasts or creating fascinating videos or music.  I believe we’d all be better founders and entrepreneurs if a space such as Founders LIVE served us entertaining and educational content each day, and allowed us to connect with equally talented people with one click. I also believe everyone has a unique set of talents. Founders LIVE allows you to share yours, and discover other talented people and enjoy what they have to offer.

So what is Founders LIVE and why use it?


At its core, Founders LIVE is an exclusive network of talented and creative individuals. By providing a space to connect with like-minded people, Founders LIVE goes above and beyond a simple blog with interesting content. Watch as your experience comes alive through meeting new people, chatting about new ideas, helping someone with challenges and possibly meeting a new business partner.

A Well of Talent

In addition to a mobile first network, Founders LIVE is a platform for talented people to showcase and distribute their work. Authors are free to publish blog posts from within the app or point to their own blogs outside of it. Video producers are encouraged to upload their latest creative works and gain valuable feedback from the community. Podcasters on-board new listeners when they disseminate their latest podcasts within the community. Founders LIVE is a channel to see and be seen, to read and be read, and to hear and be heard.

Knowledge and Learning

Acknowledging many of us are not the creative type and opt to consume more content than we create, Founders LIVE is organized so that you can simply sit back and learn new and useful tidbits each day from our members. From the employee who is just considering leaving their job wanting to start a company, to the rookie founder who can’t sleep at night because they have no idea what to do next, to the veteran entrepreneur who enjoys publishing all their secrets of success, Founders LIVE is overflowing with golden nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom craving to be eaten up each day.

Monthly Membership

[FIRST 200 MEMBERS ARE FREE FOR LIFE! Join now before it’s too late.]

We support Founders LIVE with a monthly membership fee of $5. This allows  us keep the quality of members and value to you very high.

Your contribution will be used to help our strong community grow globally, organize and run events and meetups, conduct live chats and cover our costs to ensure this community becomes your secret weapon in achieving your dreams.

We understand most social networks and content sites on the web are free, yet Founders LIVE is not your average WordPress blog or LinkedIn group. It’s a full fledged mobile network connecting you to a vast sea of talented people and incredibly insightful content. For the price of a Starbucks coffee each month, its a dang good investment in you and your future.

For your assurance, we employ a REFUND POLICY: You have 30 days to try out the Membership. If you feel that it’s just not your thing, we’re happy to offer you a full refund within 30 days of your initial purchase only.

[FIRST 200 MEMBERS ARE FREE FOR LIFE! Join now before it’s too late.]

What to do First

Say Hello! And swim around the app to find content and people you find interesting.

One thing that makes Founders LIVE great is the ability to follow Topics so that you can always see the conversations that are most relevant to you. Feel free to post in Topics or message another member privately if you want to learn more about their experience. You’ll quickly realize Founders LIVE will be your go-to daily resource for entrepreneurial goodness.

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