Who Are You?

“The time to worry about your reputation is before you have one.”

What a great thought.  I ran across this the other day and felt it hits on exactly what I have been thinking lately.

If you want to be thought of as a solid, reliable pillar of your community when you’re fifty, you can’t be an irresponsible, corner-cutting exploiter at twenty-five. . . . The time to worry about your reputation is before you have one. You determine your reputation by deciding who and what you are and by keeping that lofty vision of yourself in mind, even when you’re having a rip-roaring good time.

These thoughts /words might make you uncomfortable but if you don’t pay attention to them they just might hinder progress in your life..  Thinking about your personal reputation is not selfish or self-serving, since in reality it’s all about how you come off to others.  In the end, your reputation is centered around how others perceive you.

Although not frequently talked about, people tend to want to be around – and trust- others they like.  The reason people “like” others is because that person puts them at ease and makes them feel better (safe) when they are around them.  The easiest way to get others to like you is to be honest, authentic and caring.  Simple enough, right?

So who are you?

What function or place do you hold in your greater community?

Can people count on you?

Do people actually like you?

Do your stories line up when talking to others?

How do you treat people?

Are you honest with people?

Do you really care about them?

Do you look them in the eye when you talk with them, and listen intently?

Would they call you on the phone (not just text) when they need some advice?

Would they want to work with you or approach you about a new project?

I have recently become more aware that treating people with honest, authentic respect goes a long way to gain new friends and acquaintances – and success in business.  The secret to people liking you is to simply like them first.  Re-reading those last few sentences at face value,  it seems blasphemous.  But unfortunately I have come to realize lots of people don’t actually go about life interacting with others with these principles in mind.  I hope that changes.

Just a few things to consider over the weekend as you go about your life.

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